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Career Revolution has cracked the “early career code” and created the only feedback tool and development process that successfully addresses the mindset and skill gaps of today’s young professionals.

By working with the organization, managers, emerging professionals and teams we provide the changing workforce with the training and mentoring they need to develop self-awareness, take ownership of their careers and immediately increase their contributions to your organization.

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The workforce has changed. Managers are being asked to work in flatter structures and be able to quickly adapt to continuously changing business conditions. As they strive to lead themselves through change, they are also held accountable to lead others through transition and align them to organizational values and goals.
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Emerging Professionals

Whether new college grads or those further along in their career, employees are reporting challenges in understanding how their skills fit into the larger mission of the organization. In turn, organizations are reporting ongoing challenges with what they perceive as declining engagement as well as millennial entitlement and lack of focus.
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Teams are more important than ever because the way we do business has changed. With fierce competition at the forefront of every executive’s mind, getting results requires more collaboration and innovation than in the past.

Today’s teams can be problem solving power houses leading the way for true innovation. This means that the organizations with real staying power are fueled by well-run teams.  Whether forming a new team, adding a new leader or merging teams, learning to leverage individual and team strengths can make all of the difference in accelerating business results.
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As companies become more connected and diverse, they are also shifting their talent strategies to appeal to a multi-generational workforce in new ways. Attracting and retaining top talent, building leadership bench strength and keeping employees engaged are challenges at the forefront of the minds of most organizations.
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It’s All About the Feedback

Career Revolution’s approach is centered on a one-of-a-kind feedback tool designed specifically to address the mindset and skill gaps facing today’s young professionals. AccelerateME™ enables young professionals to receive continuous feedback from multiple sources on the key performance indicators that organizations often struggle to address.


For managers and leaders, the system provides:
  • A simple way to set performance baselines and monitor progress.
  • The ability to offer feedback early and often—not just during an annual review.
  • A cost-effective vehicle for delivering coaching and career development resources to your early career populations.
  • The aggregate data necessary to trend-spot and identify challenges in real time.