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  • Career Development Classes

    AccelerateME for Emerging Professionals

    Engage and retain millennial employees by learning what makes them tick.

  • Career Development Classes

    The New Workforce IQ

    Schedule this course to learn effective ways to build bench strength and create new cultural norms that drive engagement.

  • Career Development Classes

    Learn to Mentor

    Build a culture of coaching and increase leadership strength by teaching employees how to be mentors.

  • Career Development Classes

    Team Strengths

    Discover your team's strengths with this session that is highly interactive and focuses on maximizing team energy and performance.

  • Career Development Classes

    Managing in Today’s Workplace

    Become a stellar manager with this management training.

  • Career Development Classes

    Influence Without Authority

    Use good communication skills to get others to do what we need them to at work.

  • Career Development Classes

    Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

    Does your team need a clear vision, strategies and action planning?

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  • How to Meet Your Manager Halfway

    Most managers will never be great career coaches, but with development, emerging professionals can meet their managers halfway.

  • Why is Face-To-Face Learning Important?

    Companies have invested billions of dollars into online and mobile training tools, but we've missed out on a key component of professional development

  • Why Personalized Experiences Matter

    The emerging workforce has grown up in a culture where personalization is the norm. What does that mean for professional development?

  • The Mindsets

    Career Revolution has created a unique model for developing a new generation of emerging leaders. Watch for simple solutions you can adopt in your com

  • Organizations Are Missing This

    Christine DiDonato identifies the missing link to developing a new generation of leaders.

  • How Career Revolution Can Help Your Business

    Career Revolution has cracked the "early career" code. Learn more about our unique development tools.

  • The Career Revolution Story

    We're dedicated to helping today's young professionals take charge of their career. Listen to our story.

  • Develop a New Generation of Leaders

    What motivates emerging professionals? How do they differ from previous generations?

  • Move Beyond Generations Discussion

    Christine DiDonato speaks to a cross-generational group about the real facts behind the changing workplace.

  • Emerging Professional Video Series – Austin

    Learn what advice emerging professionals would give to themselves in this series from Career Revolution.

  • Career Conversations with Emerging Professionals: San Diego Edition

    Millennials tell us when they felt most recognized by their manager and what happens when they don't.

  • Emerging Professional Video Series – Carmen

    30 year old Entrepreneur Carmen shares why picking yourself up after a failure is essential to growing your career.

  • Emerging Professional Video Series – Kolby

    30 year old Career Consultant Kolby shares why taking risks and experimenting are an essential part of your 20s.

  • Emerging Professional Video Series – Noah

    Marketing Manager Noah shares what helped me advance in his career. Hint: He found that titles aren't everything.

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Ebooks & Guides

  • Unlock your team's potential

    5 Keys to Unlocking Potential

    Understand the 5 crucial keys to building people strategies that lead to future success.

  • Bring out the best in your employees

    How to Bring Out the Best in Every Employee

    Bring out the best in your team. Learn more about the six employee types every manager should know.

  • How to Be an Awesome Boss

    Are you an Awesome Boss?

    Not everyone is a natural leader. Download this checklist for 10 quick tips to help you be an awesome boss.

  • How to have a career conversation

    15 Minute Career Conversation Guide

    Learn how to mentor and coach emerging professionals with this guide.

  • Learn about the new rules of the workforce

    5 Trends Shaping the Future of Your Workforce

    Download this guide to gain new knowledge about how Millennials have changed the workplace.

  • What to say when you're coaching an employee

    Career Conversations: Say This, Not That

    Manager's share with me the 5 requests young professionals make that often derail career conversations.

  • 5 Trends Shaping Today's Workforce

    5 Cross Generational Development Solutions

    Engage all generations of employees in career and professional development.

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  • How to deal with difficult coworkers

    15-Minute Conversation Worksheet

    Use this worksheet to guide and document a career conversation you have with an employee.

  • How to deal with difficult coworkers

    Sample Agenda: Asking for a Raise

    Asking for a raise or a promotion makes most of us very nervous. This sample agenda can help.

  • How to deal with difficult coworkers

    Is it a fit? Self-Assessment Worksheet

    Is your current job the right fit? Use this worksheet to determine your next career goal.

  • How to deal with difficult coworkers

    60-Day Career Goal

    Download this template to think through the next steps in your career.  Set a 60-day career goal that moves your career one step forward.

  • How to deal with difficult coworkers

    Practice Interview Questions

    Interviews can feel overwhelming and frustrating for everyone involved. Download this guide to prep for your next opportunity.

  • How to deal with difficult coworkers

    Dealing With Difficult Coworkers

    Conflict is a part of relationships. Knowing what might be at the heart of the conflict can help you resolve the issues.

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