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Course Descriptions

  • Career Development Classes

    AccelerateME for Emerging Professionals

    Engage and retain millennial employees by learning what makes them tick.

  • Career Development Classes

    The New Workforce IQ

    Schedule this course to learn effective ways to build bench strength and create new cultural norms that drive engagement.

  • Career Development Classes

    Learn to Mentor

    Build a culture of coaching and increase leadership strength by teaching employees how to be mentors.

  • Career Development Classes

    Team Strengths

    Discover your team's strengths with this session that is highly interactive and focuses on maximizing team energy and performance.

  • Career Development Classes

    Managing in Today’s Workplace

    Become a stellar manager with this management training.

  • Career Development Classes

    Influence Without Authority

    Use good communication skills to get others to do what we need them to at work.

  • Career Development Classes

    Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

    Does your team need a clear vision, strategies and action planning?

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  • How Career Revolution Can Help Your Business

    Career Revolution has cracked the "early career" code and development the only feedback tool and development process designed to address the specific

  • The Career Revolution Story

    Founder Christine DiDonato shares the story of why Career Revolution is dedicated to helping today's young professionals take charge of their career.

  • Develop a New Generation of Leaders

    We’ve been talking about the likes, motivators and needs of 4 generations in the workplace for over a decade now. While all of these attempts have c

  • Move Beyond Generations Discussion

    Christine DiDonato speaks to a cross-generational group about the real facts behind the changing workplace. Data separates myth from reality and disc

  • Emerging Professional Video Series – Austin

    Learn what advice emerging professionals would give to themselves in this series from Career Revolution.

  • Career Conversations with Emerging Professionals: San Diego Edition

    Millennials tell us when they felt most recognized by their manager and what happens when they don't.

  • Emerging Professional Video Series – Carmen

    30 year old Entrepreneur Carmen shares why picking yourself up after a failure is essential to growing your career.

  • Emerging Professional Video Series – Kolby

    30 year old Career Consultant Kolby shares why taking risks and experimenting are an essential part of your 20s.

  • Emerging Professional Video Series – Noah

    Marketing Manager Noah shares what helped me advance in his career. Hint: He found that titles aren't everything.

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Ebooks & Guides

  • How to have a career conversation

    15 Minute Career Conversation Guide

    Learn how to mentor and coach emerging professionals with this guide.

  • Learn about the new rules of the workforce

    5 Trends Shaping the Future of Your Workforce

    Download this guide to gain new knowledge about how Millennials have changed the workplace.

  • What to say when you're coaching an employee

    Career Conversations: Say This, Not That

    Manager's share with me the 5 requests young professionals make that often derail career conversations.

  • 5 Trends Shaping Today's Workforce

    5 Cross Generational Development Solutions

    Engage all generations of employees in career and professional development.

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  • How to deal with difficult coworkers

    15-Minute Conversation Worksheet

    Use this worksheet to guide and document a career conversation you have with an employee.

  • How to deal with difficult coworkers

    Sample Agenda: Asking for a Raise

    Asking for a raise or a promotion makes most of us very nervous. This sample agenda can help.

  • How to deal with difficult coworkers

    Is it a fit? Self-Assessment Worksheet

    Is your current job the right fit? Use this worksheet to determine your next career goal.

  • How to deal with difficult coworkers

    60-Day Career Goal

    Download this template to think through the next steps in your career.  Set a 60-day career goal that moves your career one step forward.

  • How to deal with difficult coworkers

    Practice Interview Questions

    Interviews can feel overwhelming and frustrating for everyone involved. Download this guide to prep for your next opportunity.

  • How to deal with difficult coworkers

    Dealing With Difficult Coworkers

    Conflict is a part of relationships. Knowing what might be at the heart of the conflict can help you resolve the issues.

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