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Assess yourself on the behaviors most rewarded with career opportunity, promotion and pay. Our assessment is designed around a unique formula – The 7 Mindsets – that’s proven to drive career growth, personal success and overall happiness for today’s young professionals.

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Invite Others

Invite people you trust to give you anonymous feedback on the same behaviors. By leveraging people who interact with you regularly, you’ll get a complete 360 degree view of your personal brand.

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Evaluate Results

Your personal dashboard will reveal your overall marketability in real-time data. Your detailed report will highlight your natural strengths, blind spots that might be holding you back and even make customized development recommendations to accelerate your next career move



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Your Brand is Your Promise and Your Power

You are CEO of company “YOU” and thriving companies have a brand that articulates a compelling value proposition. What’s yours? You must be able to articulate who you are, what you believe and what you want to be able to achieve your career goals.

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Technology is Only a Catalyst for Collaboration

Technology savvy can sometimes mean “people challenged”. The specific skills that drive success in this mindset are knowing when and how best to manage conflict, communicate with different audiences, and even the art of simply passing along important information.

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Good Ideas Take Influence to Implement

Many people have good ideas, but not everyone can bring them to fruition. The ability to influence others is the ability to persuade them to adopt your point of view, course of action or specific agenda.

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Progression is More Important than Pay and Promotion

It’s easy to get caught up in instant gratification and forget about the big picture. As a young professional you have many development and growth opportunities, but sometimes don’t see them as they are overshadowed by short term wins.

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Jobs are Rented; Careers are Owned

We often treat something we own differently than something we rent. Your career is no different. By shifting to an ownership focus, you will begin to take actions that support your long term goals.

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Work and Play Can Coexist

Work and life balance means different things to different people. This mindset focuses on making the shift from time management to energy management. Ultimately, the key is sharing your priorities with the person evaluating your performance.

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Success Starts With a Belief

Your personal success, regardless of the company you work for, is all about knowing what you want and believing it’s achievable. Success starts in the mind. If your belief is strong enough, actions and results will eventually follow.

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