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The world is changing. The workplace is in transformation. Career development must change too.
Career Revolution is on a mission to empower and enable today’s workforce to succeed in an ever-changing professional landscape. Regardless of job title or tenure, today’s professionals want their work to have meaning and strive for accelerated growth. While at the same time, organizations face ongoing disruption and are continually adapting to stay competitive.  Like a perfect storm, both parties are struggling to keep up, affecting engagement, culture, retention and revenue.
Career Revolution has cracked the code on how to do “career development” in the modern workplace. Our programs and tools move beyond theory and academics and get the right programs and tools into the hands of the people who need and expect it most—your employees.

As business leaders struggle to find and keep the right talent, proactively addressing the unique needs of today’s workforce gives your organization a competitive advantage.


Christine DiDonato
Founder, Career Revolution, Inc.

Our team

Our team is comprised of passionate staff and partners to deliver the most relevant expertise for your organization’s needs. 

Delia Randolph

Program Manager

Career Revolution

Robert Sullivan

Robert Sullivan

Sr Design Manager & Facilitator
Career Revolution
Juan Hernandez

Juan Hernandez

Visual Designer

Career Revolution

Jon Hodge

Jon Hodge

Sales & Distribution Partner
Advantage Performance Group
Carrie Sawyer

Carrie Sawyer

Diversity & Inclusion Partner
Diversity by Design & The Inclusion 1st Project

Troy Gorostiza

Learning Strategy Partner
Knowledge Stream
Dr. Tammy Wong

Tammy Wong

Executive Coaching Partner
Fostering Executive Leadership

David Jahn

Team Communications Partner
Innovative Improv Solutions

Michelle Burke

Michelle Burke

Well-being Partner
The Energy Catalyst Group
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