Gen Z Career Journal: Gratitude Can Be Hard

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and it’s time to start thinking about what you’re thankful for. It’s always heartwarming to go around the table and say what you are grateful for before digging into turkey and mashed potatoes. Saying something meaningful that shows your appreciation brings connection to the room. Especially when you choose something that isn’t basic like “my friends and family”. While it is amazing that we have this time as a reminder to bless up, I think we could all use more gratitude in our everyday lives.

Gratitude is a tool

For me, practicing gratitude is a reminder to focus on all of the good things surrounding me. This is incredibly helpful when I feel surrounded by bad news and negativity. It’s easy to turn on the news or look at Twitter and feel terrible about whatever headline is happening at the moment. Usually the problem is so big that there is not much you can do about it.
When this happens it is disheartening and confusing that there is not an actionable solution. At this point, rather than getting down about the problems, there is an opportunity to turn inwards and focus on your blessings so that you can show up to express positivity as your best self. While you may not be solving climate change, you are having a real impact on the people around you, which has a domino effect.

Gratitude Inspo

As a young adult, it is inspiring to see older people that have an awareness of the problems that we face, but do not seem to be phased in their attitude and action. The great thing is that there are so many unique ways that you see people giving back. Sometimes it is an infectious positive attitude, giving a smile to a stranger on the street. Other times it is writing a huge check for charity. Just as we all express ourselves differently, we also give back to the world differently. Its amazing to think about the potential if we all tapped into our unique way of giving back.

Gratitude can be simple

Sometimes gratitude feels like an assignment- like something you’re supposed to do, but you’re not always “feeling it.” Sometimes you just feel irritated- and this is okay! When I struggle to find gratitude, I give myself a break and show self love. I remind myself that bad feelings will pass and positivity will return.
Gratitude is something that we should strive to include in our lives every single day. Giving thanks for the big and little things around us is truly a gift of happiness that we can give to ourselves. While I don’t think one day out of the year is enough time to be giving thanks, I feel grateful that we have this time as a reminder to do so. 😉


Hi I’m Delia! I am a young professional writing my first blog series, Gen Z Career Journal. I write about navigating the workplace to figure out how to balance a meaningful career, productivity and wellbeing. I hope that people of all ages will read my words and be inspired to be true to themselves in their career.